Sirius CEO-JET

Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft
1150 mi. / 1850 KM.
2800 daN
Cruise Speed
1000 nm
Max Range
1350 lbs
Base price: $5.900.000

The fusion of technologies that combine vertical take-off and
landing with horizontal flight allows aircraft
to conveniently take-off and land as a helicopter,
and fly as fast and energy-efficient as an airplane.

Sirius CEO-JET
Brief Overview

Flight distance
1150 mi. / 1850 KM.
Cruise speed
323 mph. / 520 kmh.
Low noice pollution
< 60 dB
Passenger capacity
2 passengers (optionally 3 passengers)


design that combines the advantages of
an airplane and a helicopter


Deflected Vectored Thrust

A propulsion system that allows operating the jet with a low noise emission level

28 ducted fans

This type of propulsion system reduces noise emissions. 20 fans are located along the wings, 8 mounted in the canard. A separate electic motor drives each ducted fan.

Saves Travel Time

Sirius Jet is a zero-emission plane and has no environmental impact.

Cost Efficient

the total cost for a full fuel tank refill, covering the maximum travel distance, is a mere 500 USD.


Featuring a near-silent operation, our aircraft produces ~95% less noise compared to a helicopter, allowing it to operate close to communities with a minimal noise impact of <60 dBA at 100 meters distance, equivalent to the sound level of a dishwasher.


in the event of a critical emergency, the Sirius Jet's Emergency Parachute System is programmed to deploy automatically, providing an additional layer of safety assurance