Sirius Jet
A Revolution in Regional & Urban Air Mobility

Get around for the price of a taxi with the comfort and speed of a business jet.
The technology we build reflects market demands
Uncompromised safety
Safety is our absolute priority and our technologies meet the highest safety standards of the aerospace industry.
Optimal transportation 
Revolutionary technology will reduce noise pollution, travel hours, costs and road traffic.
Healthy ecology 
Sirius Jet is a zero-emission plane and has no environmental impact. 
Our eVTOL technology is a game-changer, unlocking the third dimension of transportation to enable rapid and low cost travel.
Travel times on the proposed network are reduced 4x times on average compared to travelling by car.
Sirius eVTOL Jet
Expected to be launched in 2025
Hydrogen-electric VTOL
Expected to be launched in 2027
A combination of key technologies such as hydrogen-electric power sources, ducted fans (for lift and cruising), and modular architecture provides significant technological advantages increasing the flight distance up to 800km.
SiriusJet wins Swiss startup competition for strategic support18.12.2021

We are pleased to announce that SiriusJet won a prestigious startup competition run by the Swiss business school #IMD. Over the next year, we will work with #IMD academics and international business executives on business planning and fundraising strategies. As a part of the collaboration, the results of combined work will be pitched to investors in Silicon Valley in the second half of 2022. IPO is planned to Q4 2024.

CEO & Founder, Alexey Popov said: “#IMD has a stellar record in supporting swiss entities, and we look forward to working with them to help us transform urban mobility.”

The International Institute for Management Development (#IMD) is a renowned business school based in Lausanne, Switzerland and in Singapore. Its EMBA programme has been ranked the world’s Number One by #Forbes, #Bloomberg and the #FinancialTimes. 

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Sirius Jet - a revolution in regional & urban air transport27.10.2021Time management is essential for success in your personal and professional life. Our new technology will make it happen, taking you to different cities or even countries on the same day.
Travel for the price of a taxi, yet with the comfort and speed of a business jet, 3x faster than traditional road and air travel. Sirius offers a high-speed regional network of vertiports instead of busy airline hubs!

Taking a trip from Zurich to Geneva?
By Car, train, or airplane trip - 3 h. | By SIRIUS JET - 45 min.
What would you choose?
What is SIRIUS JET?23.10.2021Sirius Jet is a new technology game-changer that unlocks the third dimension of transportation and allows you to move around cheaply and quickly.
Sirius eVTOL is a fusion of technologies combining vertical take-off and landing with horizontal flight, allowing the aircraft to take-off and land like a helicopter, but fly as fast and energy-efficiently as an airplane.

100% - electric with ZERO emissions into the atmosphere
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Let us introduce ourselves!20.10.2021We are a team of world-class engineers with 10,000+ years of Aerospace and Formula 1 experience.We have a mission to bring to market an elegant, high performance, zero-emissions aircraft that will change the global transport industry. We integrate unique engineering experience with strategic collaborations to build a revolutionary aircraft - Sirius Jet.
We have partnered with established industry leaders to help bring our vision to life.