About Us

Welcome to Sirius Aviation AG, a trailblazer in the aerospace sector, dedicated to revolutionizing air travel with our flagship creation, the Sirius Jet. As the first hydrogen powered VTOL aircraft, the Sirius Jet boasts an impressive operation radius of 1150 miles / 1850 km. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, unmatched safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness is reshaping the future of aviation.

Brief Introduction.

Sirius Jet is a regional hydrogen vertical take off and land aircraft, features a groundbreaking hydrogen-electric propulsion system, enabling it to travel up to 1150 miles carrying up to 5 passengers, all while producing zero emissions.

Mission Statement and Core Values

Our mission is to guide the aerospace industry into a sustainable future by harnessing hydrogen as a clean fuel source, ensuring unmatched flight safety, and upholding the highest standards of Swiss quality. Our core values encompass sustainability, utmost safety, pioneering innovation, and engineering excellence, achieved through collaborative efforts with our partners.

History and Background Information

Sirius Aviation AG, A Century of Aviation Heritage Fuelling Innovation

Established in Switzerland by a lineage of aviators and presently directed by a family member with extensive expertise as an aviation engineer and pilot, Sirius Aviation AG epitomizes the convergence of trusted and cutting-edge aviation technologies, and swiss quality. Our journey as innovators in pioneering engineering solutions is a testament to our commitment to sustainable advancements in aerospace. The foundation of Sirius Aviation AG was laid with a clear, visionary objective: to transform the aerospace sector through groundbreaking, eco-friendly innovations

Key Facts
and Figures

Crafted in Switzerland

Established by a lineage of aviators

Pioneering the First Regional Hydrogen VTOL Aircraft with an Innovative Hydrogen Powertrain

Engaged in Strategic Partnerships with Top Aerospace and Automotive Companies and Manufacturers


Alexey Popov

President and CEO
Generational aviator and pilot, Aerospace MBA at TBS, VP of Commerce at FED, former Director General of State Enterprise Plant 410 Civil Aviation.

Dr. Oleksandr Los

VP Design
Former President of Antonov SE, a renowned professional and scientist with more than 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry.

Eugene Kononykhin

Chief Technical Officer Legacy aviator, a renowned professional with 15 years of experience in aircraft subsystem design and MRO.

Dr. Manuel Vogel

Doctorate in Economics from the University of St. Gallen - School of Economics, Law and Social Sciences and International Relations; Certified Tax Expert, CAS FH Corporate Finance and Succession

What is the timeline?


  • Team of 100+ engineers started intense R&D


  • Improvement of the Sirius Jet’s technology
  • FAA certification process start
  • Signing contracts with B2B customers in the USA, GCC, EU, and Asia
  • Intense R&D of innovative hydrogen-electric powerplant


  • First flight of demonstration plane & continued certification.
  • Sales of the first 50 business jets with deliveries to first clients in 2028


  • Finish of certification, serial manufacturing setup


  • Launching of shuttle service across the Americas, EU, GCC