The ultra quiet James Bond villain-style aircraft that plans to jet the super rich around NEXT YEAR

A SWISS aviation startup has unveiled a sleek vertical-take-off aircraft that looks fit for a James Bond villain and aims to take to the skies in 2025.

On it’s current schedule, the plane, dubbed the Sirius Millennium, will be the first hydrogen-powered aircraft in the sky that can take-off and land vertically.

The Sirius Millennium is what’s known as a VTOL aircraft – which stands for Vertical Take-Off and Landing.

All other VTOL aircrafts have previously used jet fuel or batteries to get off the ground.

The aircrafts, designed by Sirius Aviation AG in collaboration with BMW’s Designworks and the Sauber Group, were revealed at Switzerland’s Payerne Airport earlier this week.

During their unveiling, Sirius Aviation AG said the pair had been “designed to blend the aerodynamics of a jet with the versatility of airplanes and helicopters.”

This style of jet is much quieter than standard airliners, because they’re strictly hydrogen-powered.

This not only makes the plane just 60 decibels in terms of loudness, but it also means the aircraft is makes the aircraft emission-less.

Hydrogen’s energy density is three times that of traditional jet fuel – and over a hundred times that of lithium-ion batteries.

Each plane will vertically take-off using 20 electric ducted fans that make up its deflected vectored thrust system.

The company behind the ultra-quiet plane has tabled plans to create two models of zero-emission jets for a maiden flight next year: The Sirius Millennium and The Sirius Business Jet.

The Sirius Millennium is designed for commercial use, and is capable of carrying up to five passengers.

Although it has a reduced range of 650 miles, which makes it suitable only for regional flights.

As the name suggests, the Sirius Business Jet caters to private aviation enthusiasts, and can accommodate up to just three passengers.

But with a cruising range of 1,150 miles and speeds of up to 323 mph, – it’s forecast to slash international flight times.

VTOL aircrafts typically have a reduced flight range in comparison with traditional commercial airliners – though they are, in theory, faster at getting in and out of cities.

There is currently little detail regarding the interior design of the Sirius fleet.

Link: https://www.the-sun.com/tech/10139171/hydrogen-powered-aircraft-vtol-plane-swiss-sirius-millennium/

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