Sirius Aviation defies gravity with the introduction of its hydrogen-powered VTOL

  • Sirius Aviation AG has unveiled its ‘Sirius Jet,’ a cutting-edge hydrogen-powered VTOL business aircraft crafted in collaboration with BMW Designworks and the Sauber Group.
  • The Sirius Jet boasts an impressive 600 kph speed and an outstanding range of 1,850 km.
  • The game-changing hydrogen-electric propulsion system is set to take centre stage in Switzerland next month, amid surging VTOL interest in the aviation industry.


Sirius Aviation AG has revealed its latest creation, the ‘Sirius Jet,’ and it’s making waves in the aviation scene. This Swiss innovation, developed with BMW Designworks and the Sauber Group since their establishment in 2021, is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) business aircraft powered by a hydrogen-electric drive.

The Sirius Jet boasts an impressive flight range of 1,850 km (approximately 1150 miles), significantly surpassing the 150-mile range typical of purely electric aircraft. This places the Sirius Jet in a league of its own when it comes to sustainable air travel. And with a cruising speed of 600 kph (323 mph), the Sirius Jet offers a unique blend of aerodynamics and vertical manoeuvrability. Designed to accommodate up to five passengers, it aims to bring efficiency and versatility to air travel.

The groundbreaking hydrogen-electric ducted fan propulsion system is set to be unveiled in January 2024 at an event in Switzerland, marking a step forward in sustainable aviation. 

VTOL technology has been catching the eye of the aviation industry lately, drawing interest even from major players like Lufthansa. However, not every attempt at commercialising this technology has been a smooth ride. Rolls-Royce, a significant name in the industry, recently faced challenges and decided to step back, signaling the complexities involved. On a different note, Lilium, a startup in Europe, has been making significant progress. It’s a reminder that while there’s excitement around VTOL, it’s also a journey with its share of ups and downs, reflecting the cautious optimism within the aviation community.


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